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A Bride’s Trousseau – Auspicious Temple Jewelry by Kalyan Jewelers

Kalyan Jewelers offers an evocative line of temple jewelry that complements every bridal look

One of the most intricate and astute pieces of conservation, temple jewelry plays a vital role in the cultural heritage of South India. Originating in the Chola and Pandya dynasty in Tamil Nadu, temple jewelry has become a piece of jewelry attached to southern religious sentiments. This piece of jewelry is carved in gold with imprints of goddesses and inlaid with precious stones.

Temple jewelry invokes a sense of the divine every time you wear it. Kalyan Jewelers offers a wide range of stunning collections of elaborately handcrafted temple jewelry in gold with stunning gemstone inlaid. The Kalyan Jewelers collection is tuned to perfection with beautiful designs that blend old world charm with the aesthetics of new-age design.

Check out the latest temple jewelry designs that Kalyan Jewelers has to offer from a huge range of bridal collections that display magnificence of all kinds, surely enhancing your look on your big day!

This gorgeous gold choker from The Temple Jewelry Collection is sure to turn heads. The detailed karigari work on the choker is a work of art in its purest form. The centerpiece Goddess Lakshmi motif, encrusted with green and pink gemstones as well as delicate dangling pearls, adds a regal touch to the whole room

These gorgeous gold jhumkas make the perfect pair of earrings to complete your ethnic look this wedding season. The peacocks and red stone at the top create a rustic feel, as well as the dangling golden pearls which add to the sparkle of this ensemble.

This heavy yellow gold haar stamped with goddess motifs all over the necklace is synonymous with the charm of yesteryear. The heart goddess design surrounded by pearls, pink and green stones as well as dangling golden pearls enhances the overall look and feel; definitely a must-have for all brides!

This majestic yellow gold choker invokes a sense of divinity with the goddess sanctuary shaped pattern embossed in the center, surrounded by intricate floral designs and small golden beads dangling throughout the choker. This simple yet clever piece is perfect for making a wedding statement!

The Ottiyanam is one of the most traditional jewelry that accentuates the waist. With Nakashi motifs inscribed on the pure gold jewelry, studded with precious stones; it is a perfect combination of finesse and grace.

These classic pendants with a contemporary twist are the classic example of the best craftsmanship that Kalyan Jewelers has to offer. This opulent set of jhumkas with gold bow and blue gemstones is sure to enhance your wedding attire.

About Kalyan Jewelers:

Based in Thrissur in the state of Kerala, Kalyan Jewelers is one of the largest jewelry retailers in India with a presence in the Middle East. The company has enjoyed a long-standing presence in the Indian market for almost three decades and has set industry benchmarks for quality, transparency, price and innovation. Kalyan offers a range of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs in gold, diamonds and gemstones to meet distinct customer needs. Kalyan Jewelers has 151 showrooms in India and the Middle East.