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ALBUM REVIEW: Summoning The Slayer – Temple of Void

If you have heard of VOID TEMPLE during your travels you should be aware of what they are. The Michigan natives made a name for themselves in the metal world with their mix of death and doom sounds and became known for their penchant for writing seismic riffs and grooves, then molding them with slow beats. to create something altogether more hellish. Over their nearly decade-long career, the band have stepped up their quality release after release and are now looking to continue their musical ascent with their fourth album. Summon the killer.

With the opening track behind the eye the band got to work as usual with a slew of old school death metal riffs and growls in the vein of classics such as MORBID ANGEL and DECIDE. The production is clean and precise without sacrificing any of the raw power behind the music and allows everything to breathe as it should. However, in real VOID TEMPLE the fashion of the group does not allow the listener to get comfortable and throw the breath away Mortal Touch – an atmospheric eight-minute doom song that rises and falls throughout its duration, trapping the listener in its swell of ethereal guitars and ever-changing dynamics. It is suffocating in its nature and truly remarkable.

It’s safe to say that VOID TEMPLE excellent on both sides of their death and doom metal influence. However, it’s in the slower, more suffocating moments that they really come into their own. An example of this fact is in the climax of the album A streak of rot – a nearly six-minute testimony to the crushing heaviness that can be found in the slowest forms of metal music. The bass sound is overwhelming, the guitars are crushingly heavy and well-orchestrated; add to that the booming drums and the perfect mix and you have all the elements for a truly remarkable death-doom opus.

In the last stages of the album, we find Transcendent Horror, which is another example of how the band has grown as songwriters throughout their career. The use of the melody created by the guitars adds texture to the track while the throaty vocals and growling bass work together to create the heavy distorted platform that has become so important to the band’s sound. There’s a section down the center of the track where the band almost ventures into progressive metal territory, with the use of shifting dynamics and movement between clean and heavily distorted guitars, all imbued with various effects, proving that ‘they have a lot of ideas in their collective bag of tricks to keep things interesting. Here again, nothing replaces the raw heaviness that leads the track to its conclusion, a real headbanging moment that will create many interactions from fans during the live where the band has proven time and time again how how powerful he was. are really.

Summon the killer is the next logical step for a band that is on the rise (as mentioned earlier). They tweaked things subtly without touching their overall formula and created a body of work that is as intriguing as it is familiar and heartwarming. If they continue on that kind of form going forward, then the sky’s the limit for these guys. The world begins to notice and VOID TEMPLE aren’t about to let their fans down; they are determined to keep the dark times rolling. Don’t sleep on it.

Rating: 8/10

Summoning The Slayer is available now via Relapse Records.

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