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Bengaluru temple adorned with hundred thousand toys for Guru Purnima celebrations

Bangalore, July 13 (IANS): Guru Purnima celebrations at a temple here saw a lakh playing equipment used for decoration on Wednesday. A variety of traditional toys and modern sports equipment have been used for the decoration of the Sri Sathya Ganapati Shirdi Sai Temple in JP Nagar where this celebration is an annual event.

“This year, a special decoration is made using 50 different items, such as children’s play equipment. Traditional play equipment such as goli, bugari, gilli danda and catapult, as well as various Sports equipment including cricket, tennis and hockey items are used here.After Guru Purnima, the equipment will be given free to the needy,” said Sri Sathya Ganapati Shirdi Sai Temple Trustee Ram Mohan Raj.

“Sports, especially traditional sports, play a very important role in our lives. Engaging in daily sports activities increases physical and mental development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged sports activities through programs like Khelo This year’s decoration was made adopting this theme,” he said.

Last year, three lakh tablets were used for decoration amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The tablets were then distributed to one million families, organizers said.

This year, the special decoration will be on display for a week starting July 13.