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Court of Snakes held at the temple, victims bitten by snakes reach in large numbers

Bhopal/Sehore (Madhya Pradesh): It may sound surreal. But a snake court was held on Wednesday at a temple in Lasudia village 10 km from Sehore. The spirits of snakes entered the bodies of their victims and told the saga for which they bit the person concerned. Later, they left the bodies of their victims, promising never to bite again.

According to an age-old tradition, when the serpent bites someone, the victim is taken to the temple where a sacred thread is tied over the affected body part. This sacred thread is removed during the Padwa festival, which falls one day after Diwali.

Residents of Bhopal, Raisen, Vidisha, Guna, Harda joined the snake-bitten victims on Wednesday and presented them to the court held at the Ram Hanuman Temple.

As soon as the bhajans started on the order of the priest Giriraj Dubey, the spirits of the serpents entered the bodies of the victims.

A woman who was in possession of the serpent’s spirit said she was bitten because she stepped on the serpent’s tail. A large number of villagers were present on the occasion.

The family members of the victim bitten by a snake had to hold the hands of the victims because they did not behave like normal beings. The court began at 10:30 a.m. and continued until the evening.

Sehore resident Sunil Rathod arrived at the temple with his wife who was bitten by a snake a year ago. “When my wife was bitten by a nagin, I immediately took her to the temple where holy thread was tied around her body. He was asked to come to Padwa to remove the sacred thread. As soon as Nagin’s spirit entered her body, she started screaming and said that she had put her foot on a snake’s tail and that was the reason she had been bitten” , added Rathod.

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