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Critics pour in against Annavaram Temple

Annavaram (Kakinada District): The administration of Annavaram Devasthanam is under criticism for causing inconvenience to devotees by not properly supervising the duties assigned to various staff members.

Thousands of devotees throng to Annavaram Temple, one of the largest temples in Andhra Pradesh, for various purposes.

The Managing Director of Annavaram Devasthanam, Vendra Trinatha Rao has been given the task of Managing Director in charge of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Dwaraka Tirumala of Eluru District.

Last month Kalyana Mahotsavam of the two main deities in Annavaram and Dwaraka Tirumala were executed and it has become a Herculean task for the EO to perform tasks simultaneously. Trinatha Rao attended the ceremony at Dwaraka Tirumala in the morning and at Annavaram in the evening. Some of the devotees complained that EO Trinatha Rao was unable to monitor and supervise the two temples. On the other hand, the Annavaram temple authorities have not implemented the “Make up your EO” program in recent months. Some devotees were unhappy and protested against the discontinuation of the “Dial your EO” program. They demanded to continue this program at Annavaram temple so that they could report their problems to the EO.

Meanwhile, it has also been alleged that Annavaram Temple authorities are not paying attention to development activities. The work on Satyagiri hill regarding ‘Smarta Agama Veda Pathasala’ is still going on. A donor has come forward to build a dormitory at an estimated cost of Rs 2 crore.

Residents have pointed out that the temple authorities are unable to expedite the construction of Smarta Agama Vedic Pathasala as well as the dormitory given their involvement in other works at the two temples of Dwaraka Tirumala and Annavaram. “There is no control or supervision over the accommodation of worshipers and related matters as well.”

A few devotees have also complained of facing untold hardship during festival times. Given the suspension of online services, donors are faced with a dilemma regarding the delivery of their donations.

Some people have suggested that Trinatha Rao be relieved of the responsibility of Dwaraka Tirumala Temple, so that he can give full attention to the ongoing work of Annavaram Temple.

According to temple officials, EO Trinatha Rao has requested leave from June 1-10. It is likely that major work will be halted while he is away.