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Dwarkadhish temple worshipers mark first Holi celebrations with cheering dance in Mathura

Matura, March 13: Many devotees were seen dancing enthusiastically in the Dwarkadhish temple on Sunday, marking the first celebrations of Holi. Both Indian and foreign visitors seem to enjoy the colorful ambience that surrounds it.

People witnessed the Holi craze in Braj from Basant Panchami on February 5, 2022. The celebration of ‘Dhap Holi’ reaches the famous Dwarkadhish temple of Mathura via Barsana and Nandgaon.

It is a belief here that when Holi is celebrated at the temple, God fills the life of the devotee with happiness.

“This tradition of celebrating Holi in the temple premises has been a culture since time immemorial in the Pushtimarg Sampradaya. to bathe in oil, a month before the holi festival. Holi 2021 celebrations in Mumbai: BMC is restricting Holi celebrations in public and private spaces amid rising COVID-19 cases in the city.

This step is then placed in the middle of the temple where the Brajwasis try to convince and impress Krishna by singing melodies,” said Rakesh Tiwari, spokesperson for the Dwarkadhish temple. People here are often seen enjoying the colorful synergy in the air as Holi is played. Finally, the enthusiasm and excitement for festivals continues to grow. (ANI)