Temple architecture

Egypt: 85 tombs 4,500 years old and a temple of Isis unearthed

Already declared the most important discovery of the year, the excavations that took place in Sohag, on the banks of the Nile, in central Egypt, revealed a veritable archaeological treasure.

85 tombs from the Old Kingdom of Egypt

During the search, the archaeologists were first surprised to find burials dating from the Ancient Kingdom of Egyptno less than 4500 years ago. 85 graves were found buried on the hillside, containing mummies as well as certificates of identity of the deceased in Greek or in ancient hieroglyphs. The researchers were able to obtain precise information on the names, ages and professions of the mummies.

A temple dedicated to Isis

The temple in question, invisible before the excavations, was 140 meters long and 200 meters wide. A real architectural gem, the temple had a large rectangular room separated by four columns and recognizable by its floor covered with slabs of local stone. Animal bones were also discovered, presumed to be the food of the guardian of the temple, his priest.

The Sohag site is currently undergoing new excavations and should continue to deliver its secrets. The work has only just begun for archaeologists!