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From Dassam Falls to Jagannath Temple, 4 Best Places to Visit in Ranchi

When work pressure and tight deadlines wear us down, all we crave is a long vacation in mountains, hills or distant sea beaches to rejuvenate and refresh our spirits. India, known as the ‘land of diversity’, is home to several phenomenal places that can instantly lift our spirits.

If you are an ardent traveler, looking to venture out into nature and soak up the beauty of nature, marked by lush vegetation, forests and vibrant waterfalls, you must add Ranchi to your bucket list. Located in Jharkhand, Ranchi is considered as the Shimla of Jharkhand for its rich flora and fauna.

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If you are planning a weekend in the scenic destination of Ranchi, be sure to visit these amazing places.

Dassam Falls

Encircled by emerald green forests and mighty rocks, Dassam Falls cascades a breathtaking 144 feet. The surrounding area is an ideal picnic spot to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends or family. The roar of the waters and the soothing wind blowing in the area will make your heart happy.

Panch Gagh Falls

Another wonderful place to visit in Ranchi is Panch Gagh Falls. The rugged speed of the waters plunging from the steep hills is a treat for sore eyes. You can take a heavenly walk in the nearby village of Khunti or cool off.

Birsa Zoological Park

Another amazing hideaway for wildlife lovers, Birsa Zoological Park offers panoramic views of thick-crusted forests, home to a plethora of wildlife including tigers, lions and deer. You can go on an exciting jungle safari, enjoying the silence of the place.

Jagannath Temple

Ranchi is not only a place for thrill seekers and nature lovers, but the serene location is also home to some of the most sacred temples.

Jagannath Temple, perched on top of a hill, is a tranquil tourist spot, where devotees, as well as tourists, flock to capture the beauty of nature. The exquisite architecture carved with intricate decorations and colorful stones is worthy of a picture.

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