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Governments wanting to use temple wealth for political gain will be reduced to ashes: Delighted with BJP

Bangalore, Jan 2 (UNI) Denouncing the remarks of KPCC chairman DK Shivakumar in Bhasmasur, the general secretary of the national BJP CT Ravi said today that any government that keeps an eye on the wealth of temples for gains policies will be reduced to ashes.

“The money people invest in Hundi is a donation, not a tax. This money is intended for the development of the temple and the society. The government does not need to use this money because its condition is not pitiful.

Perhaps the British condition (East India Company) was pitiful and therefore they took over the temples in an attempt to target the lands and riches donated by the faithful, ”he told the journalists here.

“But, instead of cursing the BJP for its plans to free the temples from the clutches of the government, congressional leaders (including Shivakumar) should have declared that any party that keeps an eye on temple wealth for political purposes will be reduced to ashes, ”Ravi said.

He was referring to the Madras VII Settlement, which was introduced by the East India Company in 1817 to place temples under corporate control, targeting land and wealth donated by worshipers.

In 1925, the Madras Religious and Charitable Endowments Act was introduced to bring all religious institutions under government control, but it sparked massive protests from Muslims and Christians. The law was amended in 1927 as the Madras Hindu Religious and Endowments Act, and made applicable only to Hindu places of worship.

“Unfortunately, the same policy of government control over temples continues today, 74 years after independence,” Ravi said, adding that Shivakumar wants freedom, but does not want freedom for temples.

Shivakumar had said the BJP government was making a historic mistake and would be reduced to ashes if it freed the temples from government control. He also alleged that the wealth of the temples would flow into the hands of the RSS and other institutions if the temples were released.

Reacting to this, Ravi further said that Congress was competing with the Taliban in hurting the sentiments of the majority community by opposing the Liberation of Temples Bill from the clutches of the government and the anti-government bill. conversion.

Karnataka’s Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced last Wednesday the launch of the liberation of Hindu temples from government control through a bill ahead of the assembly’s budget session. He made the announcement during the BJP State Executive meeting in Hubli.

Regarding congressional opposition to the anti-conversion bill, Ravi said it did not target any particular religious community, but curbed the threat of Christian evangelism that threatens to destabilize the country’s demographics.

“Conversion is not only the conversion of an individual’s religion, but it is the conversion of a nation, which has its own culture and civilization. This is what Mahatma Gandhi said, and the Dr Ambedkar accepted Buddhism which is rooted in Indian culture and tradition. He rejected offers from Islamists and Christians, claiming that these religions were not rooted in Indian culture and traditions, “he said. he declares.