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India: A woman loses a gold chain in a temple in Kerala and receives bracelets in exchange for a generous widow

The unfortunate Subadra started moaning and crying that her life savings were gone.

But soon a woman came to her and not only consoled her, but took off two of her own bracelets and gave them to her, saying she could sell them and buy a new necklace and a mangalsutra for herself. .

Subadra couldn’t believe what had happened and before the realization could sink in, his mysterious benefactress disappeared.

As news of the “miracle” spread and while Subadra believed it was divine intervention, she really wanted to see this generous woman again.

This started a hunt for the benefactress with a dozen TV channels picking it up and help came from temple authorities when they decided to take a look at the day’s CCTV footage and on Tuesday a channel Malayalam news television was successful when the woman was identified as Sree Latha, a widow from Alappuzha.

However, Sree Latha needed a lot of persuasion before speaking out about what she had done and seeking to downplay her generosity.

“I don’t think what I did was anything big. When I saw a grieving person I decided to help him and that was it and nothing more needs to be said about it,” said Sree Latha who has a sight problem and visited the temple with her relative, when she extended a Helping Hand.

Meanwhile, Subadra, who had promised that if she got her necklace back, she would give it to the temple deity, kept her promise.

She sold the two bracelets and used the money to make a new gold chain and after removing the mangalsutra offered the new gold chain to the temple.

“I wanted to know who this helpful woman is. Now that she has surfaced, I really want to meet her personally and I want that to happen as well,” said a delighted Subadra, who admitted that although the person had been identified, she wanted to believe it was her. favorite deity who had come and gave this to her.