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Juno Temple Takes To Twitter To Dress Up Her ‘Ted Lasso’ Character For The Series’ Next Season


Emmy nominated Ted Lasso Star Temple of Juno puts her Twitter followers to work, helping her choose outfits for her sassy character Keeley Jones to wear in the third season of the Apple TV+ series.

The British actress joined the platform in January, and soon after release the next pitch: “Excited to see what amazing and sparkly clothes Keeley is wearing in the upcoming series. Any suggestions?”

Her followers responded almost immediately, with more than a few post ideas for what would look good on Keeley, and a few budding designers — or designer spouses — snapping their shots. “I’d like to send you some pieces,” one guy quipped of his wife’s handmade items.

Last month, Temple asked her followers to steer her toward “new, emerging women-owned brands,” noting that a goal was from “to highlight a maximum of young emerging artists” with the wardrobe of his character.

The actress posted the same day, “So excited to be looking through all these designers, thank you darlings!!” adding, “If you have any suggestions for fun and sparkly makeup brands and hairstyles for Keeley, I’d love to hear them too!”

Fashion has apparently been a priority for Temple, who recently posted glamorous photos on Instagram of the glittering gold Versace ensemble she wore to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards last month, along with various accessories.

On the red carpet, she told E! that she had wanted to go to design school before becoming an actress. “Versace chainmail is something I’ve fantasized about since I was 14,” she said, exclaiming that she felt “like Cinderella” in the dress.

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