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kopeshwar: Iit-b will carry out a structural audit of the temple of Kopeshwar | Kolhapur News

KOLHAPUR: Experts from IIT-Bombay will soon visit the ancient temple of Kopeshwar at Khidrapur, located about 60 km from the city of Kolhapur, to conduct a structural audit and suggest conservation measures for the historic temple.
Around Rs. 100 crore has been set aside by the state government to undertake conservation works at eight ancient temples across Maharashtra and Kopeshwar is one of them.
Rajendra Patil-Yadravkar, Minister of State and Member of Parliament for Shirol Constituency, where the temple is located, said: “Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray held a lengthy meeting with officials from various departments who will be involved in the works. conservation. On my suggestion, the Chief Minister instructed the departments to study the architecture and conduct the structural audit of the temple. The temple stood for a long time and due to various factors it suffered damage. In recent years, floods have also caused damage to the architecture of the temple and considering all these aspects, the restoration, strengthening and conservation plan will be finalized.
The temple is located along the Krishna River which is often flooded during the monsoon. Due to the attacks of the invaders, the critical elements of the temple are either damaged or missing. Restoration work will consist of returning the missing pieces to their original location. The plan will also include providing facilities such as accommodation for tourists and worshipers so they can spend more time here.