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KPs celebrate Navreh and pray at Durganag temple in the valley

KPs celebrate Navreh and pray at Durganag temple in the valley

Srinagar April 2: On the occasion of the start of the Hindu New Year, celebrated as Navreh by the Kashmiri Pandit community, a grand pooja was held on Saturday at the historic Durganag Temple in Dalgate, Srinagar.

People participated in the celebration in large numbers and prayers were held for peace and prosperity for all mankind in general, but for Kashmir in particular. Speaking on the occasion, Murarji Kaul, administrator of the trust managing the shrine’s affairs, said that special prayers had been organized to strengthen the traditional bonds of brotherhood between the different communities in the valley. He said that despite the “enormous damage done to this brotherhood by political forces of various shades, the ties between the majority community and the Pandit community remain as strong as ever and in recent times their efforts are renewed to strengthen them further. more”.

He said “peace is gradually returning to the valley and people in general are very concerned about safeguarding the interests of future generations in the valley”. Kaul pointed out that this day coinciding with the start of the holy month of Ramadan “auspiciously bodes well for the entire population of the valley as it is meant to strengthen the traditional spiritual environment here and bring comfort to the wounded psyche of people tormented by the tragic events. that has taken place here over the past three decades”.

He called on the general public in both communities to “work for the long-awaited development of the valley as this would ensure better prospects for children who face a dearth of gainful employment opportunities here”.

Large numbers of KP also thronged to Sharika Devi temple in Hari Parbat where people held special prayers before visiting nearby Badamwari on this pre-migration occasion.

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