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Minecraft Build Recreates Avatar’s Southern Air Temple

A Minecraft player has produced a faithful recreation of the Southern Air Temple from Nickelodeon’s beloved TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

A Minecraft anime tv show player and fan Avatar: The Last Airbender, recreated the Southern Air Temple. The sandbox survival game, developed by Mojang Studios, lets players explore a seemingly endless, procedurally generated, blocky 3D world. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been a popular home for many creative actors.

Recreating anything as a block is not a simple task, but a dedicated one Minecraft players are always challenging themselves to do something big. Over the years, players have chosen iconic landmarks and buildings from various games, TV shows and movies, such as the incredible recreation of Minas Tirith and other locations from The Lord of the Rings in Minecraft. Many even choose real places to imitate Minecraft like the Sydney Opera House. The attention to detail by these craftsmen is amazing and is clearly seen in their work.


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Editor and Minecraft StereoMutt player shared their recreation of the Southern Air Temple of Avatar. The temple, known as Aang’s childhood home, resides high in the mountains with a long winding path leading to its gates. StereoMutt’s depiction is incredibly accurate and even comes with a recreation of the world map from Avatar. The map was made using Worldpainter, a program developed for use in Minecraft which uses paint-like features to allow players to create their own world from scratch. Being able to place soil, grass and mountains on a large scale means players can build an entire map with ease and speed instead of block by block. However, the program is only for building landscapes, so players still have to create structures by hand.

Minecraft Avatar Southern Air Temple

Minecraft offers two distinct game modes for its players, Survival and Creative. Survival mode immerses players in a dangerous world with angry mobs chasing them as they try to collect, craft and survive. Creative Mode provides access to everything you need to create virtually anything a player can imagine without fear of being attacked. While Creative Mode gives players the freedom and time to design a world as they see fit, some players enjoy the challenge of Survival Mode and must gather the blocks they need to build their ideas while dodging random enemy attacks. . A shining example is the Minecraft Avengers Tower which was built as base in single player survival game.

With more time, it would be nice to see how many Avatar world could be recreated in Minecraft. With the map generated and ready to be detailed with more structures, StereoMutt may already be working on something – only time will tell. One thing is sure; this beautiful reconstruction shows that given enough time and effort, almost any landmark, landscape, city or character can be adequately represented by nothing more than blocks.

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Source: StereoMutt/Reddit

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