Temple architecture

Minecraft Redditor builds an ancestral temple in the game

Recently on the subreddit for Imaginary Cityscapes, a Minecraft Redditor known as AND3R5 decided to use the aesthetic tools of the block building set and create an oriental-style ancestral shrine against the backdrop of a cityscape. massive.

According to the Redditor, they used a shader pack that used traced shaders to give ordinary coloring blocks a sparkle, providing lighting among the many buildings in the city’s backdrop.

Some Redditors have applauded the room for its resemblance to the Kowloon part of Hong Kong, mixing its older architecture with the city’s modern glitz and glamor. Many who haven’t even played Minecraft applauded the work of AND3R5, which clearly put a ton of effort and passion into the project.

Minecraft: What is path tracing?

A combination of path-tracing and ray-tracing lighting effects compared to standard Minecraft visuals (Image via Mojang)
A combination of path-tracing and ray-tracing lighting effects compared to standard Minecraft visuals (Image via Mojang)

By using mods like Optifine in cohesion with those like Unbelievable Shaders from Sonic Ether, Minecraft players with enough gear can really boost Minecraft’s visual rendering ability, including lighting effects like ray and path tracing. .

Gamers have probably heard the term ray tracing a few times over the past few years, as it is a relatively new graphics technology and path tracing is somewhat related to this mechanic.

Put simply, ray tracing is a mechanism in which a light or “ray” is sent out from a virtual camera until it crosses an object. Then, depending on the nature of the object, the ray of light can continue by being reflected or refracted on the object. This allows the light creation to appear as if it is projected onto a certain surface (think scattering light on the roof of a car) instead of simply illuminating something statically.

This can be seen in some Minecraft shaders, casting light and shadows depending on the positioning of the sun.

Path tracing takes ray tracing to the extreme, sending out multiple rays that can number in the tens or thousands. Instead of just tracing back to a light source like ray tracing, path tracing bounces the ray off available surfaces until it reaches a certain bounce limit or hits a light source itself. same. Clearly, it gets the realistic lighting effects that ray tracing tries to emulate, but at a much higher computational cost.

Using path-tracing shaders, Minecraft players can visualize lifelike, almost directionless lighting in their worlds if their hardware allows it. This actually works to Minecraft’s advantage, as the game’s graphical simplicity allows it to allocate additional resources to things like shaders and lighting, as block textures are often simple tasks to be rendered by comparison.

Creation of Minecraft Redditor AND3R5

Interested fans check out the Reddit post here:

AND3R5 revealed some details about the part:

With so much creativity in the Minecraft community, fans can look forward to more awesome posts like these in the future!

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