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“Mining stopped in three units near Karinjeshwara Temple”

Amid stone quarry complaints affecting Sri Karinjeshwara Temple in Bantwal and its environs, the district minister, V Sunil Kumar, said the three stone quarry units had been shut down.

The three stone quarries operating near the temple affected not only the temple but also the villages of Kavalamudoor and Kavalapadoor.

The Minister said that quarrying has been carried out on 0.50 acre of land in survey number 164/2P and 0.50 acre of land in survey number 172/2P in Kavalamudoor since 2007. However, the quarry owner had illegally exploited the quarry by extending the quarry area to an additional 3.28 acres of land.

The Department of Mines and Geology had fined the owner Rs 8,12,87,198 and the quarry was shut down in December 2021. A private case has been filed against the owner in Bantwal Court for illegally mining quarries , did he declare.

The minister further said that the stone quarry on a one acre plot on survey number 121/2P1 in Kavalapadoor started in 2016. Although the contractor was granted a license to operate a quarry for 20 years , the quarry has been suspended after allegedly encroaching on gomala land for carrying out quarry operations. An investigation by officials had proven that he had encroached on Gomala land for quarrying.

The contractor of a quarry that started on a 1 acre piece of land on survey number 122/3P1 in Kavalapadoor had died and others were carrying out the extraction illegally. Therefore, he has been arrested now, he added.

The minister said the three stone quarry units that operated in and around the historic temple have been shut down. Officials have been instructed to ensure that no quarry units are operated in the area in the future.

Already, a discussion is underway at government level to declare the area surrounding the Karinjeshwara temple as a highly sensitive area. The demands of the faithful will be met gradually after discussion at the government level, the minister said.

It may be recalled that the Hindu Jagarana Vedike led a series of protests demanding the suspension of quarrying activities near the temple.

Vedike members had alleged that the quarry activities had also affected the structure of the temple.