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Modi government tough on temple attacks and Sikh fundamentalism, Canada-UK on radar

The Modi government has started considering various options to give a strong response to these incidents in Canada and Britain.

The Modi government is monitoring events in Britain and Canada.

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In the UK and parts of Canada, these Sikh fundamentalism Or there have been reports of attacks on Hindu temples. Meanwhile, now let’s talk about the latest developments, after Leicester in England, now Smethwick is also attending performances. It was claimed that on Tuesday large numbers of people from other communities hindu temple gathered outside and protested, shouting slogans. The Modi government is serious about all these incidents. According to media reports, the government is watching Britain and Canada closely over the incidents.

Along with this, the Modi government has started considering various options to give a firm response to these incidents in Canada and Britain. The Indian government has expressed its opposition to the British government over the protest against the Indian community in Leicester. At the same time, he also monitors how UK agencies turn a blind eye to funds raised by Sikh fundamentalists for separatist purposes.

Modi government will not remain silent

The Modi government has decided not to keep silent about such incidents. The government will respond to anti-Indian activities in both countries. It is understood that External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval took the incidents seriously. It is also said that India’s response will also be accordingly.

Sikh for Justice had organized a referendum

Earlier, the incident of writing slogans and doing graffiti in the name of some anarchists on the walls of the Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto, Canada was revealed. Angered by this incident, the Indians demanded action against the accused. The High Commission of India in Canada also condemned the incident. On September 19 in Brampton, Canada, a referendum was reportedly held on behalf of Sikhs for Justice. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government turned a blind eye to this affair.

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The Modi government had sent diplomatic messages three times to the Canadian government to stop this referendum. On this subject, the Canadian government sent its response to India on September 16th. In this, he said that Canada fully respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India. He had also assured that this so-called referendum on his part would not be recognized.