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MP: A thief returns stolen valuables to the temple with an apology note

PTI, October 30, 2022, 12:34 PM IST

An MP-MLA court has issued a contempt notice and ordered the arrest of an investigator in an ongoing model code of conduct breach case against former Uttar Pradesh minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati.

Attorney General Kalika Prasad Mishra said the court issued the contempt notice to Deputy Inspector Hari Prasad Verma on Saturday and ordered his arrest.

Even after a warrant was issued, Verma never appeared in court to testify, he said, adding that the next hearing in the case would be on Nov. 9.

Prajapati’s lawyer, Santosh Pandey, said that on January 28, 2012, during the nomination for the Amethi Assembly elections, the former minister was accused of organizing a bicycle procession without permission.

A model electoral code of conduct violation case was filed against him for this, Pandey said.

Constables Sanjay Kumar Yadav and Omprakash, who were on duty at the time, had appeared in court and testified, but the investigator in charge of the case did not.

Prajapati, who is currently serving a life sentence for rape, won election to the Amethi assembly as a Samajwadi party candidate in 2012.