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Nitish minister Israel Mansoori first entered Vishnupad temple in Gaya, Muslim man’s entrance created ruckus

New Delhi. In Bihar, since Nitish Kumar left the BJP and formed the government with the RJD Mahagathbandhan. Since then, their problems have steadily increased. For one thing, since cabinet, the Nitish government has been mired in controversy. On the other hand, the crime graph is also increasing in the state. Today, young people took to the road on the issue of unemployment and heckled the Nitish government. Meanwhile, CM Nitish Kumar is in trouble again. He is criticized on social networks. In fact, Nitish Kumar played with the faith of the Hindus. Now, users of social networks listen to them frankly.

In fact, Nitish Kumar reached Gaya’s Vishnu pad temple to offer prayers. But during this time, he took with him the Minister of Information and Technology of the Government of Bihar, Mohammad Israel Mansoori. Speaking to the media, Israel Mansoori said that it is a coincidence that I entered the sanctum sanctorum of Vishnupad temple with CM Nitish Kumar.

The surprising thing is that the non-Hindu entry is written on the main entrance of the famous Vishnupad temple in Gaya. But Nitish Kumar took the Muslim leader with him. At the same time, after the video was released, there was a row over the entrance to the Mohammad Israel Mansoori Temple. At the same time, people are getting angry on social media. Twitter users strongly rebuke CM Nitish Kumar.