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Pattaya Temple Fair allowed to open despite ban on gatherings

Buddhist devotees gild the “Luang Pho To” reclining Buddha statue with gold leaf.

Exempt from the ban on large gatherings, Wat Sutthawat opened its annual temple fair for fun and fundraising.

The fair from March 1 to 9 pays homage to the image of the reclining Buddha “Luang Pho To”. Temple devotees are encouraged to gild the statue with gold or merit in other ways, such as giving alms to the monks, donating robes or money.

The fair offers traditional Thai activities and games, food, drink, shows, carnival games, attractions and shops. There was also a raffle with tickets sold at 20 baht each. Proceeds from all donations and ticket sales will be used to improve the temple.

With the current ban on gatherings due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Pattaya, the event required special permission to be held. Face masks are mandatory even outside, temperature checks and hand sanitizer checkpoints are also in place.

The Luang Pho To, or Phra Sirrattanatriyanpop, Reclining Buddha was made in 1925 and renovated in 1961, as it was originally made of straw.

The egg-fishing game was just one of many activities held to raise money for temple improvements.