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People react to girls making coils in MP’s temple after minister orders investigation

People on social media come up with the weirdest ideas to go viral and it often works for them.

However, some also got in trouble for dancing on busy roads. subways and a place of worship.

A similar incident where two girls were seen making videos at a temple scene in Madhya Pradesh has become a topic of discussion on social media at the moment.

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Two girls apparently shot videos for Instagram reels in the Mahakal temple in Ujjain and shared on their account post whose videos have gone viral.

A politician shared the viral videos and asked the deputy ministers to ban the use of mobile phones in the temple.

He came to the attention of MP Home Secretary Narottam Mishra who condemned the act. “I have instructed the collector and the SP to investigate the matter. Playing with religious beliefs in any way would not be tolerated,” Mishra said..

The temple priest also voiced his objection to the videos. “This type of video has destroyed the sanctity of the temple. Mahakal temple employees were also not fulfilling their responsibility,” Mahesh Guru said, demanding action against the girls.

Girls making coils in MP Temple spark controversy
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The video shows a girl twirling to a Bollywood song outside the temple in Indian attire.

Another video shows a girl inside the temple making a video while doing jalabhishek.

While some people found it objectionable and offensive, most argued that there was nothing problematic about the video.

Here’s what people on social media have said about the minister’s decision to order an investigation into the case:

The internet is clearly divided. However, this is not the first time that a girl dancing on the premises of a temple has sparked outrage.

What is your opinion on that?

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