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Philly hopeful Reese Clark still considering signing with Temple

Reese Clark, director of St. Joseph’s Prep, has announced that he plans to sign with Temple on December 15. (Photo courtesy: Reese Clark)

Hometown star Reese clark from philadelphias St. Joseph’s Prep plans to sign with Temple regardless of coach Stem Carey being fired on Monday, and whether or not the Owls have a new head coach in place before the start of the early signing period on Dec.15.

“I think I’ll be staying with Temple just because of everything that lies ahead of us now,” Clark told OwlsDaily Monday afternoon. “The head coach’s situation didn’t really bother me. “

Clark was the first high school prospect to sign up for the Owls this recruiting season, since early February. He said he had to meet Carey and the offensive coordinator Mike Uremovitch Monday at 5 a.m.

“I spoke to Coach U yesterday,” Clark said.

Although Carey was fired, the rest of the coaching staff continued to work on Monday, OwlsDaily was informed. Wide Receiver Trainer Thad ward was appointed interim head coach.

Clark said he sparked the interest of other schools during the season, but hasn’t changed his mind about his decision at college.

“I haven’t really answered all of the schools,” Clark said. “For the most part, I’ve been locked up with Temple for quite some time now. “

He said he had attended this year’s home games against Memphis and UCF and had come “pretty close” to commitments from fellow Temple colleagues. Sam martin and Makhi Green.

For Clark, being able to play at home and being able to play immediately are central to his concerns amid the change of coach.

“At the moment, I just plan to keep working,” he said. “My main priority is just to be able to play. So, I’m not really worried about other exceptional situations. For me, it’s about having the chance to play and perform.

The 6-4, 206-pound prospect expects to play the wide receiver and tight end for the Owls.

“In high school I was pretty much playing between the receiver and the tight end,” he said. “And chatting with Coach U, he got the idea that it was going to be pretty much the same, where I could pretty much line up anywhere and play a mix between the two.”

Temple has seven prospects who have announced their verbal commitments to the team this recruiting season. In addition to Clark, Martin and Green, the other prospects are Khalif Kemp, Jackson pruitt, Corey Yeoman, and Sincerely Jackson, who pledged to the Owls last week.