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sant tukaram: Sanctum Sanctorum of the Dehu temple closed until Tuesday | Pune News

Pune: The management of Shree Sant Tukaram Maharaj Sansthan, which manages the Tukaram temple in Dehu, has decided to ban devotees from entering the sanctum sanctorum of the temple from Sunday to June 14 in view of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi .
“We have made a decision to this effect to facilitate security measures and maintain cleanliness in the temple premises,” Sansthan chief administrator Nitin More said on Sunday.

“Devotees are allowed to enter the ‘kirtan mandap’ in front of the sanctum sanctorum. The Warkari Sanstha accepted that,” More told TOI.
Sant Tukaram was a Warkari saint and poet, famous for his Abhanga devotional poetry and communal worship through spiritual songs called “kirtans”.
On June 14, the Prime Minister will inaugurate a newly built temple of a sacred stone on which Sant Tukaram Maharaj meditated for 13 days on the banks of the Indrayani River. A new idol of Sant Tukaram was installed inside the temple. “The Prime Minister will interact with a select group of warkaris and worshipers on this occasion,” More added.
The temple has ancient significance, said Sanjay More, one of the temple’s former administrators. “A scholar, Rameshwar Bhat, had compelled Sant Tukaram to immerse the verse books written by Sant Tukaram in the Indrayani River. Sant Tukaram then told the scholar that all he wrote were words of God, who spoke through him. The scholar told him that if so, the books would emerge unscathed. It was then that Tukaram Maharaj sat down to meditate on the stone by the river. After 13 days, his books resurfaced on the river. Since then, the temple has become a holy place for devotees,” More added.
The Prime Minister’s visit is an honor for the Warkari sect, More said. “The whole city is looking forward to welcoming him to the holy city on June 14,” he added. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi will inaugurate the temple around 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday.
The temple trust will present the famous “pagdi” (turban) and city shawl to Modi on this occasion.
“The Chiplaya, a traditional musical instrument, will be presented to Modi during the meeting. Many warkaris play the instrument during kirtan and bhajan. We do our best to make the event as traditional as possible,” said More.