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Scarborough Miller Temple takes place in BMX Olympic dream

Miller Temple in Scarborough makes Olympic BMX dream come true with skate park in its own backyard Photos by Richard Ponter

The 16-year-old TEC student struggled to get a chance to train properly at Hairy Bob’s Skate Park and Daddy Matty often drove up to four hours to get him to decent training facilities in Corby.

Miller came up with the idea of ​​having a park in the backyard of his home on Scalby Mills Road to bolster his hopes of becoming a professional BMX rider.

Matty Temple said, “Miller wanted to be a professional BMX rider and compete in the Olympics for quite some time, long before Team GB riders’ success at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Matty Temple, left, built a skate park designed by his son, BMX star Miller Temple

“He often goes down to Hairy Bob’s to train, but there isn’t enough space for him because there are a lot of people there.

“We’re taking him to Manchester, Leeds and Corby for proper indoor training, but it’s a long round trip for both.

“Miller came up with the plans and designed everything, he even left the designs on my pillow once and although I wasn’t enthusiastic at first, I gave in and said I would build it for him.

“He said he would fund it himself, so he got a job at Creams over the summer to raise the money.

Miller Temple stands on his skate park in his back garden

“He bought the OSB wood materials and my company Walker & Hutton Ltd bought the rest of the wood frames.

“We went to Travis Perkins to get the plywood top we needed, but lumber prices doubled and the amount was missing.

“We explained why we needed the wood to Travis Perkins manager Chris Jackson and he spoke with his region and the national management and they decided to give us the wood, which was worth over £ 1000, for free.

“It has been a huge help and we are very grateful to Chris for it.

Scarborough Miller Temple takes place in BMX Olympic dream

“I also lit the back garden so Miller could come out on his way home from college, although it totally depends on the weather he really needs to have access to indoor places.”

Autosmart’s Paul Daley-Smith provided £ 100 worth of sealant, and Secret Sport Surf Shop gave him his own clothing line and the new MBR Racing store provided him with gloves. We are very grateful for the help of each.”

Although Miller now has his own training ground, his father is very keen for action sports to have a facility of its own in the Scarborough area.

He said: “Due to Covid, there haven’t been a lot of chances to compete for Miller over the past two years, but we’ve been training in places like Adrenaline Alley in Corby, and these are the type of indoor skate parks that are needed in this area.

“If there was a site like this in Scarborough they could also make sure it accommodates rock climbing, trampoline and that would be great for recreation and tourism.

“Sadly, it would probably come too late for Miller to use it and help him achieve his dream of being a professional BMX rider, as these things take years to come to fruition.”

If any local businesses or individuals would like to help sponsor Miller, they can contact us through Instagram at miller_templebmx