Temple ideas

ShibaSwap brings out the details of the Hub: WAGMI Temple

ShibaSwap announces that it will soon unveil details about the Hub: WAGMI Temple. More hubs have been lined up, with the intro hub being discussed first. Community members were invited to contribute their thoughts and collaborate during the development process.

ShibaSwap is committed to providing a combination of soothing sensations, natural beauty, meditation and spiritual connection by drawing inspiration from some real world famous places.

For example, ShibaSwap is inspired by Swaminarayan Akshardham (New Delhi) for architectural purposes. Others on the list are Temple of Heaven (Beijing), Nan Hua Temple (South Africa), Gawdawpalin Temple (Myanmar), and Kinkaku-Ji Temple (Japan).

Going a little beyond architectural inspiration, ShibaSwap will dive into more places to bring out the best in its virtual world.



Flora Inspiration
  • Japanese wisteria
  • Plum Blossom Trees of China
  • Ginkgo trees of South Korea
  • Japanese cherry blossoms
  • Flame Trees of Vietnam.
Wildlife Inspired
  • Tiger
  • giant panda
  • Komodo dragon
  • Snow Leopard
  • painted stork
Inspiration Experience
  • Zen
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • water therapy
  • Connection of mind, body or soul

ShibaSwap announced The Third Floor a while ago to meet the roadmap of setting up a basic structure for its metaverse. It brings together best practices and members to achieve the delivery of an immersive experience.

The metaverse is both popular and risky. The new concept requires the community to remain active and contribute their thoughts with an unbroken record. ShibaSwap focuses on taking advice and goes above and beyond all traditional standards.

Here is the current structure for the development of the metaverse ShibaSwap project :-



Studio AAA

The third floor (TTF)

Metaverse Expert Advisors

Sherri Cuono, Marcie Jastrow and David Kern

Developers and project manager team for Shib

Kaal Dhairya, Shytoshi Kusama and Eric M.

Community involvement will go beyond the current structure. Members can participate in the process through a dedicated Discord channel. The intention is to connect all parties involved in the development of the metaverse project with the main goal of involving the community.

All details about the process and the project will be shared through the same dedicated Discord channel. Members are encouraged to not hold back from participating and get a feel for the project that involves design, usability and overall inspiration.

ShibaSwap looks forward to developing and learning more about the project through the community. The more members participate, the more ShibaSwap and its internal teams learn about the project for better development. The step is important to maximize the feedback process and not put a stop sign in the way of project learning and improvement.

Developed and newer aspects can also be suggested in return. ShibaSwap is currently working on publishing an online form where users can easily share all their comments and innovative ideas.