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Slog AM: SPD Emphasis Patrols U Ward, Satanic Temple Sues Idaho, Ex-Cop Kills Dozens of Children in Thailand

More gun violence: Last night someone shot and killed two teenagers near the Pioneer Square light rail station around 11:30 p.m. The 18- and 13-year-old victims were taken to Harborview for treatment of gunshot wounds to their legs, KOMO reported. This latest episode of gun violence comes after a particularly turbulent weekend in the U-District, which left several injured. But do not worry ! All of this will surely end when we implement Mayor Bruce Harrell’s surveillance system, ShotSpotter! Which will TOTALLY prevent gun violence and not just help cops justify shooting civilians!!!

In other bad ideas: Following the aforementioned spat of gun violence in the U-District, KIRO 7 reported that the Seattle Police Department would emphasize patrols in the neighborhood. I’m sure students will love having such a proven safety method in their area! I always hear these kids say the cops make them feel safer!! Just in case my tone doesn’t go over, I’m stupid.

Bless California Transplants: If Angry Seattle is blaming the right people, then I would just like to say “thank you”, just this once, to the Californians who moved north for bringing the sun with you. I don’t need to remind you how many fall false starts we’ve had this year, or how beautiful the weather is, but I’ll take every opportunity to be openly pro-sun, if only to that my constant moans in the winter makes more sense. Round off the little that is my life.

At least one Senate candidate knows how to use Google Maps: Yesterday, Senator Patty Murray came to Seattle in part to hang out with State Senator Joe Nguyen and King County Councilman Girmay Zahilay, but also to tackle her opponent this election, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported.

ICYMI, Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley last month made a very dumb campaign ad about not being able to find a cup of coffee on Capitol Hill because crime shut down Starbucks. First, Starbucks may have other intentions, depending on the unions Starbucks dismantled when they closed stores. Second, you’re probably never more than five minutes away from a cup of coffee in most parts of Seattle, but certainly in Capitol Hill. Anyway, Murray exemplified this by visiting Analog Coffee, a local coffee shop a few blocks from where Smiley felt helpless and caffeine-free.

FART! No, not Davidson—Buttigieg! According to Seattle Times, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will be in Washington State today. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find it struggling with our lack of bike lanes. He will be at Apple Capital Loop in Wenatchee to promote a project to improve traffic. Next, he will travel to Issaquah Creek, where he will announce that conservation departments in the area can begin applying for grants now that the US government has made available the first tranche of total $1 billion in funding to replace culverts. roads blocking fish. Yeah yeah !

D2 candidates: We’ve already started hearing rumors (from the fucking mayor, lol) about who might be running for city council next year. Well, now two people have officially thrown their names in the hat to replace board member Tammy Morales in D2, according to the Seattle Elections and Ethics Commission website.

First, we have a Chinatown resident, Dawn Lucas, who seems to be quoted in a FOX 13 article in which she criticizes Morales for ignoring her needs and allowing people to live on sidewalks, making it difficult for her to navigate the sidewalk in her wheelchair.

Next, we have Isaiah Willoughby, who filed for District 1 in the 2019 election, but did not campaign. Most recently, Willoughby was arrested and charged in connection with an attempted arson of the East Precinct in 2020 during the CHOP/CHAZ era. I know some of you will shiver, but remember this man said he was roommates with Manuel Ellis when the Tacoma Police Department killed him. In sum, two very different candidates are after Morales’ seat.

#WalkToAPark Day! Good day of walking to a park! Seattle Parks and Recreation tweeted that he prides himself on making sure everyone in Seattle can walk to a park in 10 minutes. I hope it’s 10 minutes on the flat, even on a sidewalk, without having to cross dangerous roads!

Human link for Mahsa Ami: Tomorrow, Iranian-Americans and other supporters will create a human connection in solidarity with the women’s movement in Iran, sparked by the murder of Mahsa Amini. Protesters will gather on the 520 Bridge at 4 p.m. and march to the UW campus for a vigil at 7 p.m. For more information, check out this post on Facebook.

Woohoo, come on Satan! The Satanic Temple wants you to have the freedom to choose, so it is suing Idaho in federal court for its evil and evil bans on approximately 50% of the population’s bodies. We are more used to churches lobbying to SUPPORT the abortion ban, so this is a nice change of pace!

Sick Orc: Whale advocates have fought to have an orca named Tokitae (also known as Lolita, which I like less) returned from her aquarium in Florida, where she has lived in captivity for half a century, to Washington , where she was originally captured. Now that she has a chronic infection, it could be a heavy burden, KING 5 reports.

Ex-cop kills dozens of preschoolers: In the deadliest rampage in Thai history, a recently fired police officer burst into a kindergarten in Nongbua Lamphu, a city in the northeast of the country. He shot and killed 37 people, most of whom were preschoolers. He returned home to kill his wife, child and himself.

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