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Sri Puthige Matha visits Dunbar Temple (FlipSide) |

In the city of Dunbar, a unique cultural event took place in the Shree Durga Shiva Vishnu temple. Sri Puthige Matha from Udupi, India visited the temple and stayed there from September 20 to 22 to perform various rituals worshiping Hindu deities.

“He was predestined at the age of 12 as the 30th pontiff of the illustrious and eternal 750-year-old traditional Indian Vedic lineage of Jagadguru Shri Madhwaachaarya, the founder of the famous Vedic philosophy of Dwaith,” a leaflet read. online on the SDSV Whatsapp page. Because my mother is a board member of India Centre, we had the chance to go on September 20 and 22 to meet him.

The reason this event was important was that it marked a large part of the influx of American Indians coming to West Virginia. In recent years, immigrants from India have settled in West Virginia due to the booming medical and technology industry in the state. According to the latest state survey of Hindus in 2014, 309 people identified as Hindus.

The SDSV Temple is currently the only Hindu temple in Kanawha County. However, the India Center in Southridge occasionally hosts religious festivals and the Hindu Worship Society. The India Center also hosts the Balvihar program, which teaches young Hindus about their faith, history and culture.