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sringeri: Sringeri Mutt to send idol to Kashmir temple | Mysore News

MYSURU: Sringeri Mutt will donate a panchaloha idol of Goddess Sharada, a replica of that of Sri Sharada Peetham for installation at the Sharada Temple under construction in Teetwal, Kashmir.
It will be the main idol of the temple, Save Sharada committee officials said.
During their three-day visit to Sringeri, the committee members met with seer Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahasannidhanam and Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Sannidhanam and discussed various issues including reviving the cross-LOC Sharda peeth yatra and other activities of pilgrimage.
“We are giving the replica of Goddess Sharada idol to Sringeri to this new temple for installation,” Sringeri Mutt CEO VR Gowrishankar said.
“Construction work has started now. When the work is finished, we will hand over the idol,” he said. “Work on this temple began in December 2021,” said the founder and head of the committee, Ravinder Pandita.
“We presented a copy of the vision document for the proposed Sharada Temple and the upcoming center at Teetwal. We also presented to the two seers a memoir on the Sharada mission. The pooch gave his full support and approved the plans for the proposed temple,” he said.
Committee members including Mohan K Mongha, Rakesh Koul (Sharada core team), Manju Nath, Prakash Jios, Seshu Durbaka, Ravinder Kankatte and Satheesh were present at the meeting.
Spiritual thinker Mandagadde Prakash Babu KR who was part of the meeting said, “The delegation had brought two stones from Shri Sharada Sarvajna Peetha. The seer returned one of the stones with his blessings to keep it inside the sanctum sanctorum of the new temple.
This is the second visit of the Save Sharada committee to Sringeri.