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Tempers flare after temple desecration | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: The Wadi region experienced tense moments on Sunday morning when an unidentified person threw eggs, an empty liquor bottle and other rubbish at the gate of the Swaminarayan Temple.
Locals and community leaders rushed to the temple to appease the spirits as the temple is located in a sensitive area for the community.
The temple management approached the police and demanded strict measures against the people who threw the garbage. “Sunday morning, some of our devotees saw that sacks full of eggs and other rubbish had been thrown right outside the gate of the temple. This hurts our religious feelings, so we immediately contacted the police,” Ghanshyam said. Swami of Swaminarayan Mandir, Wadi.
“Due to renovations, CCTV cameras were not installed on the temple gate. So we have no idea who threw the garbage,” he added. Locals said it appeared to be a deliberate act of mischief to create tension in the area.
Temple authorities said that in the past, too much non-vegetarian trash was dumped near the temple premises. Some community leaders have also gathered at the temple and threatened to stage protests if no action is taken against the disbelievers.
“To maintain community peace, we expect the cops to act quickly and arrest the accused as soon as possible,” Ghanshyam Swami said. Police said they are investigating the complaint and will try to locate the accused as soon as possible.