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The 13th century Kakatiya temple in Khammam will be restored

Posted: Posted Date – 3:55 PM, Fri – 6 May 22

Hyderabad: A temple dating back to the Kakatiya period has been discovered amid thick jungle at Kusumanchi in Khammam district. The temple was hidden in dense vegetation consisting of thorny bushes and well-preached wild vines.

Based on information provided by Katta Srinivas, President of TORCH and co-organizer, Kotha Telangana Charitra Brindam, Archaeologist and CEO of Pleach India Foundation, Dr. E. Sivanagireddy visited the temple on Friday.

The temple, of which only part of the entrance is visible and camouflaged by the overgrown climbing plants, consists of a Garbhagriha, an Arthamandapa and a Ranga (dance) Mandapa supported by 16 pillars whose ceiling and floor are dislocated by negligence and lack of maintenance.

The brick superstructure of the sanctum sanctorum had collapsed and it was found that the inside of the Garbhagriha had been dug out long ago by treasure hunters resulting in a heap of stones and earth piled up in front of the Arthamanadapa.

“The gates, pillars, watch slabs and basement represent the architectural grandeur and artistic exuberance of Kakatiyas dating back to the 13th century CE and closer to the local temple of Ganapeswara,” says Dr Reddy.

The temple houses a beautiful sculpture of Valli and Subrahmanya mounted on a peacock carved in black granite placed on the stone bench at the entrance of the temple.

“The stone bench above the basement and a stone window that lets enough light inside the temple run all around the Rangamandapa, a unique feature of Kakatiya temple architecture,” he says. .

Dr Sivanagireddy assured the villagers that he would render his services to restore the temple and bring back the lost glory if the local community comes forward for the cause as part of the ‘Preserving Heritage for Posterity’ campaign launched by the Pleach India Foundation.

Sarpanch, Chenna Mohan and local teachers A.Veerasamy and M.Laxmi helped the team locate the temple.

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