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The ancient temple of Aphaea of ​​Aegina will have a lighting system

Temple of Aphaea, Aegina. Photo source: Ministry of Culture

A new lighting system will soon be installed in the ancient temple of Aphaea on the island of Aegina, after the Central Archaeological Council of Greece approved the study of the project.

The temple’s lighting project will follow the example of other important monuments such as the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora of Athens.

“The project will satisfy a fair demand from the citizens of Aegina and respond to the need to enhance the existing ancient monuments in a scientifically and aesthetically correct way,” said the Minister of Culture. Lina Mendoni noted.

Source: Ministry of Culture

The project foresees the use of new technology LED type lamps with high chromatic yield.

“Appropriate lighting will enhance the visitor experience as it will highlight the architectural structure of the temple, the 3D features of the monument and the sculptural elements,” Mendoni added.

The lighting study was carried out by Eleftheria Deko & Associates while the project will be funded by the Recovery Fund.

Source: Ministry of Culture

* The Temple of Aphaea is located in a shrine complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaea on the Greek island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf.

The temple, erected around 500-490 BC. AD, replaced an earlier temple, which stood on the same site and with the same orientation. The temple is a peripheral Doric hexastyle with twelve columns on the sides.

The pediments represented two mythical battles before Troy in the presence of Athena; heroes from Aegina participated in both.

The temple remained visible and imposing for many centuries after its abandonment. Architect CR Cocherell and his friend Baron von Hallerstein explored the site in 1811 and transported the pediment carvings to Italy. In 1928 the sculptures were transported to Munich, where they remained.

The German Archaeological Institute systematically excavated the site while restoration work was carried out in 1956-57.

* With information from odysseus.culture.gr.

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