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The City Federation of Women’s Club of Temple closes and donates remaining assets

Temple’s City Federation of Women club was formed in 1915 but closed for good this week.

It was a women’s club that focused on the vision of education, beautification, recreation, health, safety and patriotism in the Temple City.

Beverly Kermode, President of the City Federation of Women’s Club, said, “We started our organization as a women’s club and by our hay day we had over 1,000 members and about 40 clubs of all kinds, such than a music club, a gardening club…

When we got into the 2000s and then into COVID…clubs just weren’t coming together, and it got to a point where our clubhouse was costing us more than we could afford.

Although the club is closing its doors, it has donated $200,000 of its remaining assets to local organizations. $100,000 was donated to the cultural activity center and they then divided the rest of the money into $10,000 increments and gave it to many local organizations in Temple City.

$10,000 went to the Temple Symphony Orchestra, Civic Theatre, Children’s Youth Fund, Belton’s Unincluded Club, Music Club, Garden Club, Bell County Medical Alliance and the Children’s Museum.