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The source of Kheer Bhawani temple turns ominous red

Mata Kheer Bhawani Temple is one of the most famous and revered shrines in the Kashmir Valley.
Visiting this temple located in the Ganderbal area of ​​J&K to pay homage and pray to the presiding deity is an integral part of the life of every Kashmiri Hindu (Pandit).
The resident deity of the temple, Kheer Bhawani, is a favorite of Hindus in this region. A seven-sided spring is a key feature of this temple and is located around the deity.
This sacred spring is known to change color and according to devotees, each color indicates a message from the Goddess. The water color in spring can be red, pink, orange, light green, blue and white.
Recently, spring turned deep red before fading to a lighter crimson, which Kashmiri Hindus considered a bad omen.
Brighter Kashmir spoke to a few people to understand the meaning of the water color change.
“I have noticed that the color of the water in the temple has turned red/crimson over the last 10-15 days. This is not a good sign. For the first time in my life, I am seeing the water turning red. Two years ago the color of the water was red and we saw the emergence of Corona and people started dying. We faced a terrible situation. Now the water turns red again and I feel like we are going to go through a terrible or bad phase again,” Gauhar told Brighter Kashmir.
She further revealed that the water in the temple frequently changes color.
“We have heard and some of us have even experienced that whenever a difficulty should arise or surface, the color of the water would turn red/crimson. It’s a beautiful sight to see how the water changes color. This reddish color only signifies danger; that something terrible is going to happen. We do havans, I did a havan last year; my guru made a havan, in which he prayed for the safety and well-being of all Kashmiris; to save them from this deadly virus,” Gauhar added.
According to Hindu tradition, when the water of the sacred spring turns red or black, they consider it disturbing and a harbinger of a painful event.
A devotee told Brighter Kashmir: “Two days ago the color of the water was deep red, which is not a good sign. If the water is black or red, it’s not a good sign for us. Water also has other colors, such as light green or bluish. These are good signs for us. In the 1990s, the color of the water was black and Kashmir was facing a great catastrophe; there was a large scale massacre of Kashmiri pandits and most of them had to leave the valley.
He added, “In Covid times, Mata Kheer Bhawani sent us a sign; the water has turned bright red, and now in the last few days there have been murders, murders of innocent people. A warning is given to all of us by it. Prayers are held every day in the temple for humanity to be saved from such calamities.