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The stupendous Maa Shoolini Temple in Solan Himachal Pradesh

The incarnation of Durga, Shoolini Mata, is the goddess of strength and prosperity. According to legend Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu could not control his rage after killing the violent demon king Hiranyakashipu. He was becoming a threat to the entire universe. So Lord Shiva in order to restrain Narasimha manifested Sharabha and with him Maa Shoolini also manifested with Lord Shiva’s blessings to calm Narasimha.
Maa Shoolini is also known as Shoolini Durga, Shivani and Saloni, and is worshiped similarly to goddesses Laxmi and Parvati.
The Shoolini Mata temple in Solan is one of the famous temples of Himachal Pradesh, making the shrine one of the major attractions in the region. It is also believed that the town of Solon was named after Shoolini Mata, the presiding deity of the temple. Legend has it that the temple was once the home of Shoolini Mata.
If you are looking for a spiritual experience, you should visit this temple surrounded by breathtaking scenery that is sure to spellbind you. The beautiful setting of the temple allows you to disconnect from the life of the underground. Located at a distance of 2.2 km from the city center, this holiest shrine creates a magical environment for experienced seekers and devotees.
The shrine draws huge crowds during festival days, especially the three-day Shoolini fair which is celebrated in honor of the goddess. Citizens of Solan as well as devotees who come from nearby areas gather at Shoolini Devi Temple to be part of the fair.
The goddess came out of her temple in a luxuriously adorned palanquin. The caravan passes through different localities of Solan. Throughout the route, the caravan is escorted in a very lavish manner. Crowded and illuminated, the temple is beautiful at night.
Other highlights of the fair are activities like dancing, singing and wrestling. It attracts traders, confectioners, general merchants and shopkeepers from the neighboring town. Every year, the fair is celebrated in June when the temple becomes the hotspot for tourists.