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This temple of the Mother Goddess is considered the second largest Shaktipeeth in the world, by cutting off her head, she had eradicated the hunger of her friends.

India is a land of unusual culture, traditions and customs. Many unusual events are happening here, which we see. If we talk about the temples of India, then the history of the temples here is amazing. Each temple is unique in itself. Navratri (Navratri 2022, September 26) starts from today. Everywhere there is a gathering for the darshan of the mother. In such a situation, we are talking about such a temple of the Mother Goddess, where the severed head of the Goddess is worshipped. Chinnamastika Devi Temple is located at Rajrappa, about 80 km from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The headless goddess is worshiped in this temple. It is believed that visiting this temple fulfills all the wishes of devotees. This is why every year thousands of devotees come here to see the mother. Let us tell you that this Goddess Temple is the second largest Shaktipeeth among the 51 Shaktipeeths.
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6000 year old temple

The temple is said to be 6000 years old and is known for the goddess Chhinnamastika. Here the goddess is depicted as a naked goddess standing on Kamadeva, the god of love and Rati, the goddess of love. The temple is also famous for its tantric architectural style.

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Story of Chhinnamastika Devi

There are many legends about this temple. Seeing the severed head of Chinnamastika, the question arises in people’s mind why the goddess carries her severed head in her hands, so there is an interesting story behind it too. According to a story, once the mother goddess went to bathe in the Ganges with her friends, two of her friends became panicked with hunger after staying there for some time. The hunger of the two friends was so strong that the complexion of each of them turned black. She started demanding food from her mother. Mom asked her to be patient, but she was starving. Seeing the condition of her friends, the mother cut off her head. When he beheaded him, his head fell into his left hand. Three streams of blood began to flow from it. The mother gave two streams to her friends, and she herself began to drink blood from the remaining stream.

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Why is Chhinnamastika Devi worshipped?

Chhinnamasta Devi is specially worshiped for gaining victory over enemies. The mother is fierce. Hence, there is a tradition of worshiping them even in Tantra-Mantra activities. Devotees fulfill their wishes by offering sacrifices to them and through Tantra Sadhana.

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How is the shape of Maa Chhinnamastika?

The idol of Goddess Chhinnamastika inside the temple is amazing. His statue is installed on a lotus flower. He has three eyes. In the right hand the sword and in the left hand the goddess holds her own severed head. Kamdev in the opposite posture and Rati sit in the sleeping position under the feet of the goddess. The Mother Goddess’ hair is open and scattered. She wears a sarpa mala and a munda mala. Mata is here enshrined in her divine and gigantic form in a naked state adorned with ornaments.

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Why Visit Chhinnamastika Temple –

Apart from having a darshan of the mother goddess in the temple, you can also witness the beauty of the city of Rajrappa. The Rajrappa Waterfall is worth seeing here, which is another major attraction in the city. You can also enjoy the confluence of the Bhairavi and Damodar rivers near the temple.

How to get to Chhinnamastika Temple –

Per flight – The nearest airport to the Chinnamastika temple is located at Ranchi, at a distance of about 70 km. After reaching Ranchi, you can either hire a taxi or take a bus to Rajrappa. where is the temple.

by train- The best way to reach Rajrappa by train is to take a direct train to Ramgarh Railway Station, which is approximately 28 km from the temple. From the station you can hire a direct bus or a direct taxi to Rajrappa.

by the road: Chinnamastika Temple is easily accessible by bus or even with your own vehicle.