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Travel Destinations With Stunning Optical Illusions You Must Visit

Optical illusions in India: Scenic vistas, thrilling adventures, historical relics, refreshing backwaters, relaxing beaches and serene mountains, there is something for every mood in India. Travelers are always on the lookout to explore the diversity of beauty that the nation boasts. Amidst these bounties, there are some intriguing and mind-blowing illusions in India that you probably didn’t even know about. Some things simply exist in plain sight. like magic happens with a sleight of hand, optical illusions play with visuals.Also Read – Do You Know The Glowing Forest Of Maharashtra? A surreal beauty to discover this season!

Here are some pretty famous tourist destinations that aren’t known for the illusions they hide.

Wow, Taj! Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh

The Taj Mahal is truly an architectural marvel (Image: Pixabay)

Taj Mahal is world famous for being the epitome of love. Moreover, its architecture, mosaics and white marble are the well-known features of this Indian marvel. Here the illusion is not so complicated to understand. Upon entering the redstone gate of the mosque, the marble monument may seem large but shrinks as one moves inside. This landmark of the Mughal Empire has thoughtful architectural engineering in place like – the four minarets at the four corners of the Taj appear to be falling outwards. It is said to have been built in such a way that in the event of an earthquake these minarets would fall outwards as it is built on a tectonic plate. a farsighted architect, the one who thought of it.

Magnetic Hill, Leh

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Leh’s famous Magnetic Hill is where nature defies gravity, or not (Image, Instagram- windingqueen and travelindia.1)

Leh is a dream destination for almost every avid traveler. Each has their own tropes for exploring the valleys of one of the most breathtaking places in the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, for the uninitiated, apart from scenic landscapes, adventure tourism, Leh also has a place that will make your mind itch. Leh Magnetic Hill is perched at an altitude of 3,500 meters and bears a thrilling mystery to its name. This destination literally defies all laws of gravity! (Hello Newton who?) Vehicles here are said to go up on their own once the engine is turned off.

Reality: This illusion is often known as the “Wonder of the Himalayas”. Here, the hill creates an illusion that the downward slope appears as an upward slope. Therefore, the vehicles appear to be going uphill when in reality they are rolling downhill.

Airavatesvara Temple, Tamil Nadu

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One of the oldest optical illusions in India resides in this Chola dynasty temple in Tamil Nadu (Image: Twitter/@_ugra_)

This hidden relic temple in South India was built around the 11-12th century during the Chola dynasty. The craftsmanship of this temple is simply exceptional. The carvings are intricate and are one of the oldest optical illusions in India. Here the optical trigger is hidden in animal sculptures. There is an engraving that looks like an elephant on the right and a bull on the left. This is because the sculpture is made in an overlapping manner. So which animal did you see first?

Aleya Lights, West Bengal

This one is a rather scary illusion to introduce. This optical illusion scared off some local fishermen. These deep swamps in West Bengal have a story about the Aleya lights which are seen at nightfall. People report seeing man-made glowing lights of various colors that look rather strange.

Scientifically speaking, this illusion is totally based on chemistry. These strange lights are the result of the ionization of methane. The methane gas above the decaying matter in the forest swamps ionizes and emits light. Therefore, it is the oxidation of phosphine, diphosphate and methane that often scares the nerves of the natives here. Myth busted, it’s a scientific ghost!

There are few other places in India like Reverse Waterfall in Maharashtra or Tulsishyam Ghat in Gujarat where other small illusions are hidden in plain sight.

Which of them intrigues you the most?