Temple architecture

VHP claims that the dargah in the Bidar of Karnataka was the Basavanna temple; demands justice for supporters

As the temple-mosque row continues in Karnataka, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has now claimed that a dargah at Basavakalyan in Bidar district of Karnataka was in fact a Basavanna temple.

Claiming that there is clear evidence that the dargah was historically a temple, the Hindu outfit demanded that the government intervene in the dispute and bring justice to Basavanna followers.

Activists claim Jamia Masjid is Anjaneya temple in Karnataka

Earlier on May 16, a group of right-wing activists claimed that the Jamia Masjid at Mandya in Karnataka was originally an Anjaneya temple. Seeking permission to worship the idol of Anjaneya in the mosque, the activists filed a memorandum with the deputy commissioner.

According to the activists, there is historical evidence showing that a temple existed on the site and later the mosque was built on the temple. Demanding that the archaeological department conduct an investigation into the matter, the activists also requested permission to take a bath in a pond located on the premises of the mosque.

Activists further claimed that in a letter to Persian King Khalif, Tipu Sultan wrote about this and demanded that the archaeological department examine the documents and investigate the matter.

Hindu temple discovered during the renovation of a mosque in Mangalore

Earlier in April, an architectural design similar to a Hindu temple was uncovered when an old mosque was demolished for renovation. The Hindu temple was found in the Asayyid Abdullah Madani Dargah hill near Malali in Mangalore.

During the demolition, the facade of the Asayyad Abdullah Hill Madani Dargah was demolished and the backyard laid a model Kalash temple, thomar and pillars. This has prompted some groups to look into the possibility of the existence of a Jain or Hindu temple in the Dargah.

Upon learning of the discovery, Tahsildar Purandara of Mangalore immediately visited the site and carried out a careful examination. Following this, leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and activists of the Hindu organization also rushed to the site.

(Picture: RepublicWorld)