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What is the Temple of Azarath?

Titans doesn’t just introduce elements of the Superman mythos into its fourth season. The HBO Max series also brings more of Raven’s backstory, namely a familiar location and phrase to fans of the Teen Titans cartoon and comic. While the “Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos” mantra is well known to some, it’s the location itself that’s sure to be a big part of Titans go forward.

The birthplace of Raven (and in a way, Trigon himself), Azarath is an interdimensional realm of apparent peace and harmony. At the same time, it also features the extreme opposite of Trigon’s followers, which makes Azarath not quite what it seems. Here’s how Raven’s house is run in the comics and how the show Titans is adapting it.

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Debut in the third issue of the iconic series The New Teen Titans (by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez), the kingdom of Azarath was founded by a woman named Azar, who convinced a group of humans to join her in her home. This world was a world of peace and kindness, humans refraining from violence and aggression. They would later let go of all their inner evil, dissipating it into the ether. Unfortunately, this evil coalesced into the vile, demonic entity Trigon, who would become their greatest enemy.

Later, the people of the Temple of Azarath would be forced to take in Angela Roth due to Trigon’s machinations. Giving her the name Arella, they discovered that she was pregnant with Trigon’s child. Despite their fears, it was decided that raising the child in Azarath was safer than leaving her on Earth. Unfortunately, Raven’s birth had a disastrous effect interdimensionally, with her very presence endangering the people there. Thus, she was brought up without emotions, hoping that this would ward off danger. However, Trigon’s power was later made clear to his daughter, and the pacifist group at the Temple of Azarath refused to fight her evil. Without her “family” fighting with her, Raven fled to Earth to seek help to fight her father.

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The Azarath Temple of the Titans is a more grounded occult group

The first episode of Titans Season 4 shows Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor trading mad science for the occult. Part of this involves him using his vast wealth to purchase what was once the Temple of Azarath. Despite its obscure appearance, this temple is much more mundane than in the comics. Clearly on Earth and not on an interdimensional plane, the people of the Temple of Azarath would appear to be a more earthly cult.

It is very likely that the introduction of Azarath in Titans could see the return of his version of Trigon. This is backed up by the show featuring villain Brother Blood, who in the comics is heavily tied to the demon villain. One interesting idea the series plays with so far is that “good and bad” magic isn’t all that different, with the Temple of Azarath being as steeped in the sinister world of the occult as Trigon himself. This mirrors the comics, in which the Temple of Azarath’s inaction was as dangerous as Trigon. Interestingly, the phrase “Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos” is heard in one of the season previews, so if nothing else, Raven’s catchphrase from the Teen Titans the cartoon will be adapted.

To see how the series handles the Temple of Azarather, Titans Season 4 is now streaming on HBO Max.