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Why Luke Uses Droids To Build His Jedi Temple (Not The Force)

In The Book of Boba Fett, Luke could have easily built the new Jedi Temple using the Force, but there are several reasons why he used construction droids.

This article contains spoilers for Boba Fett’s Book episode 6.

Boba Fett’s Book Episode 6 gave viewers their first real look at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple, and surprisingly, it was built by droids, rather than the use of the Force. Tasked by Master Yoda to pass on the lessons he had learned, Luke Skywalker initially focused on training his sister, Leia, until disturbing visions caused her to choose to abandon the path of the Jedi. He then founded a new Jedi temple on an unnamed planet, where he recruited and trained a number of Padawans.

In Boba Fett’s Book episode 6, Din Djarin went to the Jedi temple to see his beloved ward Grogu. R2-D2 knew that Luke would not be happy with the idea, which would disrupt Grogu’s training, and so instead took Mando to the Jedi Temple to meet Ahsoka Tano. Grogu was clearly Luke’s first student, whose presence prompted him to begin construction of the Jedi Temple. Curiously, he chose to have it built using a number of construction droids rather than the Force, raising the question of why Luke didn’t just build the temple himself.


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It’s worth remembering that the Jedi have traditionally been shown to reject the use of the Force for menial, everyday tasks, with Obi-Wan Kenobi often chastising Anakin Skywalker for his over-reliance on the Force. The basic premise is that a Jedi must use the Force when truly necessary, not just to facilitate a task he is faced with; it keeps them from taking the Force for granted and abusing it. In fact, in the non-canon Star Wars Legends universe, Luke once received a lecture from his future wife Mara Jade, in which she warned him that he was basically “shoutingin the Force, drowning out all of its more subtle whispers. It’s unclear if the same sort of rules apply in Disney canon, but if they do, then Luke would rightly be wary of using the Force for menial acts on this planet.He wants the Jedi he trains to learn to recognize the quietest whisper of Force guidance, so it makes sense that Luke wouldn’t use the Force.

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Luke also likely chose to use droids to keep the Jedi Temple’s location secret. There are still very few active Jedi in the galaxy, and he is well aware of the Imperial remnants who would seek to destroy them. So it’s best not to use human construction crews, but instead rely on droids that can then be erased from memory. It’s even possible that’s why star wars avoided naming the planet on which Luke’s Jedi Temple is based; maybe it’s so remote that it doesn’t even have a name. It also makes sense that Luke doesn’t want to risk alerting other Force users to his presence by drawing on the Force unnecessarily.

There is another possibility, however. Luke Skywalker grew up as a moisture cultivator on a desert planet and reinvented himself as a Jedi Master. He’s never had a reason to build anything before, so chances are he only has a basic knowledge of building. Given that’s the case, there might be another reason why Luke isn’t building the Jedi Temple with the Force in Boba Fett’s Book Episode 6: He just doesn’t know how.

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Boba Fett’s Book the finale premieres Wednesday, February 9 on Disney+.

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