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Won’t let her get married in temple, against Hinduism: BJP leader on Gujarat girl set to marry

BJP Municipal Unit Deputy Chief Sunita Shukla said that “sologamy is against Hindu ritual…It will reduce the population of Hindus”. This happened after a girl from Gujarat announced that she was getting married on June 11.

BJP leader Sunita Shukla (right) reacts strongly against the decision of Gujarat woman Kshama Bindu (left) to marry herself.

BJP Municipal Unit Deputy Chief Sunita Shukla reacted strongly to 24-year-old from Vadodara At Kshama Bindu decision to marry on June 11. “If she marries in a temple, we cannot let her do that,” Sunita Shukla said, adding, “Such marriages are against Hinduism.

Kshama Bindu will be getting married on June 11, and the wedding will feature everything — from ‘pheras‘ and is getting married on a honeymoon in Goa, but will not have a groom or ‘barat‘. She decided to get married in the presence of a Hindu priest at the Harihareshwar Mahadev temple in Hazari.

Sunita Shukla said “Bindu is mentally ill”. She said that nowhere in Hindu culture is it written that a boy can marry a boy or a girl can marry a girl. “I am against the choice of venue, she will not be allowed to marry in any temple. Such marriages are against Hinduism. This will reduce the population of Hindus. If something goes against religion, then no law will prevail. says Sunita Shukla.


Kshama graduated in sociology and currently works as a senior recruitment officer for a private company. Both of his parents are engineers. Her father is in South Africa and her mother remains in Ahmedabad.

While most girls dream of a groom who will come ride a horse and take them with them, Kshama has found her groom within herself. She loves herself so much that she doesn’t want to marry anyone else. So she decided to do the saat pheras on her own.

(With contributions from Digvijay Pathak)